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Industrial facilities built by BVK
BVK-900 complete delivery buildings
BVK-900 complete delivery buildings

Plots of land for industrial construction

Industrial and construction Group BVK performs searching, selecting and auditing plots of land for construction in accordance with terms of reference provided by the Investor-Developer.

Updated comprehensive database of land plots in most regions of the Russian Federation and established specialized communications with the regional authorities provide a wide range of potential plots of land equipped with necessary capacities.

Experts of Industrial and construction Group BVK develop the concept of selecting plots of land based on the specifics and business objectives of the Investor-Developer:

Import substitution

At present, there are unique conditions for constructing and developing import-substituting productions in Russia.

On the one hand, the concept of import substitution is one of the most important directions of economic development of the state and, therefore, is provided with real support of the federal and regional authorities. On the other hand, there is an existing or a growing demand for foreign products, whose production within the country makes them even more attractive and profitable.

Thus, transferring production facilities from Europe and other countries onto the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as the development of similar domestic enterprises, is the point of economic growth which all business organizations aim for.

The competitiveness of import-substituting productions is achieved at the expense of special investment conditions for obtaining plots of land, concessional taxation and creating favorable conditions for the development by the local authorities.