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Industrial facilities built by BVK
BVK-900 complete delivery buildings
BVK-900 complete delivery buildings

General Contractor

Industrial and construction group BVK has the unique experience in industrial construction projects management for various fields’ enterprises. Our reference list includes 20 construction projects built within last five years including projects with financial capacity exceeding 1 billion rubles and area 20 000 m.sq.

Industrial and construction group BVK specializes in oil and gas industry and motor transport complex. We have a wide experience in construction projects for Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

Construction management BVK

Basic construction activities delivered by our own construction units:

Subcontractors prequalification

The long-list of prequalification subcontractors for particular operations exceeds 50 companies.

Depending on construction region and a category of the project, BVK construction management holds a tender among reliable and financial stable construction companies to fulfill the operations listed below: