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Industrial facilities built by BVK
BVK-900 complete delivery buildings
BVK-900 complete delivery buildings

Design and construction of industrial buildings. Metalworks manufacturing.

Prime contractor of building Metalworks manufacturing Design engineering Land parcels for  industrial engineering

Industrial and construction group BVK is a union of production and construction enterprises enjoying the highest professional reputation and long experience in the construction market of the Russian Federation and near abroad countries.

Our dynamic development is ensured by the adaptability to streamlined manufacturing, cost-saving and high quality of the products and assembly operations as well as the field specialization, primarily in oil and gas industry. To assess our qualification and quality is easy – just send your technical design assignment, and our specialists will promptly get in touch with you to prepare the most profitable technical and engineering solution.

Cooperation with BVK means competitive prices, convenient terms of supply and production, long experience of the engineering group, professional construction and installation team etc. Optimally matched cost, quality and production, supply and operations terms are possible due to the comprehensive production facilities in the industrial construction ensuring supplies and execution of the Customer projects throughout Russia.

Our customer is an effective company interested in optimal expenditures of time and finance resources for which BVK performs the full range of operations from building plots search and production technology development to construction and bringing into service.